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Anatomy of the Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis and Perineum

Anatomy of the Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis and Perineum

Functional Anatomy - Dr Willard

The collaboration with Professor Frank H. Willard and the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine (UNE COM) continues this year with an on-demand course on functional anatomy, a high-level training course covering anatomy, physiology and pathology with in-depth dissection in the laboratory.

During this course, the anatomy, histology and embryology of the visceral and somatic components of the human body will be explored in depth, starting with the thorax, continuing with the abdomen, and then reaching the pelvis and perineum.

The blood supply, lymphatic drainage, innervation and topography of the visceral organs will be investigated, with considerations on the viscero-somatic integration that occurs between the somatic and visceral components of the nervous system.

The course, designed to deepen learners' anatomical, physiological and pathological knowledge, aims to improve skills in diagnosing visceral and somatic pain syndromes.

Learning goals

The lessons, in addition to a theoretical part, will be organised around real clinical cases with moments of in-depth study in the dissection laboratory where Professor Willard will show directly on a cadaver some details of the topics covered.

Course Structure

The course is structured in 3 modules (which can also be purchased separately) to cover the chest, abdomen and finally pelvis and perineum for a total of 16 on-demand lessons and approximately 60 hours of training.

For a face-to-face discussion with Professor Willard, 3 live-streaming appointments will be organised in itinere for question-and-answer sessions or to ask for insights into the lectures.

Thanks to the on-demand mode, it is possible to register and follow the course lessons at any time and according to one's needs and time availability.

The course will be available from 1 December with new lessons every 10 days.


Part I - Thorax

  • Session 1 - The pelvic wall and elevator anus
  • Session 2 - The anatomy and histology of the trachea, bronchi and the lungs
  • Session 3 - Middle mediastinum, pericardial sac and external and internal anatomy of the heart
  • Session 4 - Development of the lungs and heart and their congenital abnormalities
  • Session 5 - Posterior mediastinum and the Innervation of the heart and lungs and their associated pain syndromes

Part II - Abdomen

  • Session 1 - Anterior abdominal body wall and the peritoneal cavity and the disposition of abdominal organs
  • Session 2 - The vascular system of the abdominal organs – the anatomy and histology of the celiac organs and the superior and inferior mesenteric organs
  • Session 3 - Neuroimmune system
  • Session 4 - The posterior abdominal wall, the innervation of the abdominal organs and lumbar plexus and the associated pain syndromes
  • Session 5 - Development of the abdominal organs and their congenital abnormalities

Part III - Pelvis and Perineum

  • Session 1 - The pelvic wall and elevator anus
  • Session 2 - The anatomy and histology of the female pelvic cavity and perineum
  • Session 3 - The anatomy and histology of the male pelvic cavity and perineum
  • Session 4 - The vascular supply of the pelvic cavity, the anatomy of the urinary bladder and the rectum
  • Session 5 - Innervation of the pelvic organs and their associated pain syndromes
  • Session 6 - Development of the male and female pelvic organs


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Who is the course for

Osteopaths, doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, already trained or in training, and all professionals interested in deepening the study of human anatomy and physiology

Frequent Questions

What language is the course in?

In English with consecutive traslation in Italian.

Is a certificate of attendance issued for on-demand courses?

Upon completion of the course you will be able to download the certificate together with the course material. Once downloaded, it will remain saved in the Certificate section of your account.

Is it possible to download the course material?

You can download the course slides in pdf format at any time from your user area.

Can I participate in the course even if I am not an osteopath?

Yes, this course is open to any professional interested in learning more about functional anatomy.

Can I access the course from multiple devices?

Yes, once your purchase is complete you can access the course from your personal area with any device.

How is the course organised?

The course consists of video lectures. The slides used by the lecturer are available and downloadable.

If I have problems accessing the course, what can I do?

Don't worry, you can contact our secretariat who will help you with the various steps!

How long will I have access to the course content?

You will have access to the course for 1 year from the date of purchase.
100% online course
850,00€ IVA inc.
3 modules
60 ore education
Type On demand
Course criteria
Language English transl. italian
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I visceri - Anatomia funzionale di torace, addome, pelvi e perineo

850,00€ IVA inc.
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