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Serge Gracovetsky
Serge Gracovetsky

Serge Gracovetsky

Nuclear Physicist, Electrical Engineer

Serge graduated in nuclear physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1968. He ob-tained a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of British Columbia (Canada) in 1970. For 27 years, he performed as a tenured professor at Concordia University in Montreal (Canada).

From the study of control systems, he shifts his interest to the injuries suffered by military aircraft pilots during in-flight emergency ejection, to the study of the spine, especially the clinical reaso-ning used by doctors to diagnose a lumbar spine pain, and to other related topics.

He is the founder of four companies that develop technological devices to measure the spine's movements and func-tion. This research has led to the discovery that the spine's activity is the main engine that guides the pelvis during gait.

This methodology has been used on more than 500,000 patients worldwide. Dr. Gracovetsky has filed 22 patents, written a few dozen papers and books, including the book “The Spinal Engine”, and has lectured at about a hundred conferences.

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