Our headquarters

Our headquarters

Since 2018 Advanced Osteopathy Institute has its headquarters in Milan in Via Cardinale Mezzofanti 13 (Forlanini area). It is a place for advanced training in osteopathy and an environment for discussion and integration that stimulates and promotes scientific research.

The aim is to encourage the collaboration of the leading global and national players in the osteopathic field to provide students with ideas, new questions, and insights on the profession and become a reference point for them.

At present, we offer a programme of courses with different teaching methods. New technologies, the Covid-19 experience, and studies in the educational field have led us to reconsider all the cornerstones of academic teaching and evolve towards different and diverse approaches according to each path’s specific training needs.

Therefore, we have developed three different teaching and learning approaches that will be employed exclusively or in an integrated manner, based on the course typology.


Academic teaching
We consider traditional teaching fundamental in most cases, as it is less efficient to teach manual approaches and palpatory experiences remotely. The teacher’s presence and the chance to discuss and ask questions in the classroom are invaluable experiences. Perhaps the essential part of many training courses is observing the teacher while performing live techniques, presenting approaches, and dealing with them.

Live-streaming online teaching
Some lectures on theoretical topics can be followed from home by students, thus reducing their expenses and the time needed to reach the course location. This type of teaching also allows the lecturer to take advantage of the suitable technical tools for the course, such as cadaver-lab, high-resolution images, or other multimedia devices. Finally, it enables the frequent participation of lecturers from all over the world, facilitating their collaboration in the courses.

Many topics that are not directly related to manual approaches and essential knowledge for the osteopath’s skill development require an introductory theoretical study. This study has to come before an in-depth investigation to level up the group’s skills and knowledge level.

The e-learning method has proved to be the most effective for this kind of knowledge, and we chose it for some courses or lectures. E-learning courses consist of several lessons on a specific topic that can be attended at any time, according to the student’s needs.

Advanced Osteopathy Institute uses these three approaches, employing them individually or blending them based on each training path. We aspire to maximise the learning experience and enrich our training proposal by this teaching method.

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