Our mission

Mission, vision and values

Advanced Osteopathy Institute was founded in 2013 due to the thirst for knowledge of two osteopaths, Emanuele Botti and Marco Chiantello. As teachers in Italian osteopathic schools, they became aware of the need to study in-depth and investigate the subjects they taught their students.

This understanding led them to travel the world for more than 20 years to discover, find, and sometimes rediscover the origins of the information and knowledge they taught daily.

During this long journey, they had the fortune and the honour of meeting and spending time with internationally recognized osteopaths and other professionals, with whom they shared knowledge, doubts, and the desire to further develop and innovate this profession.

Advanced Osteopathy Institute, the crowning achievement of this journey, is a postgraduate training school that has the ambition to return to the origins of osteopathic philosophy both to rediscover the principles that risk being lost and to boost the profession towards the future through new knowledge, innovation, integration, and research.

Our starting point was a national project that is now rapidly evolving into an international network that boasts the participation and engagement of world-renowned teachers and colleagues from all over the world.

Since its opening, Advanced Osteopathy Institute has designed more than 100 courses in Italy with more than 2000 osteopaths. We have already collaborated with more than 100 lecturers among osteopaths and other scientists, allowing us to expand our profession’s boundaries. We believe it is time to export this unique experience abroad.

Advanced Osteopathy is not just an institute that organises courses; our mission is to foster the acquisition of a specific mindset to position osteopathy and its principles in the medical field, claim its uniqueness and discover its limits.

We want to provide new and advanced knowledge and rediscover and value the knowledge lost along the road. We would also like to inspire new research and encourage integration between osteopathy, conventional medicine, and alternative medicine.

To achieve these objectives, professional training is necessary. The training has to range from the knowledge and detailed study of techniques to basic sciences, from specific approaches to applying our profession in clinical areas. However, more significant than training is research, innovation, and creating a truly global scientific osteopathic community. To this community, that is probably the real ultimate goal we hope to make a meaningful contribution.

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