Advanced Osteopathy Edition is our brand – new publishing project rooted in the desire to foster and spread knowledge about health, as stated in the osteopathic philosophy.

We do not intend to publish only technical texts reserved for osteopaths or insiders. We aim to bring our contribution and ideas to patients and all those who want to take care of themselves and improve their physical, mental, and emotional health, which is the basis of osteopathic principles. Therefore, we will give space to scientific and technical publications and popular texts on topics that revolve around our profession and the advice we give our patients to help them lead healthier and more conscious lives. We will also provide space on our e-commerce website for books published by others as long as the book’s subject proves to be consistent with our purposes and principles. All books can be purchased either online or at our headquarters.
We start this new journey with our first publication, a book by Silvano Roi dedicated to children. The story aims to increase children’s ability to adapt and develop within themselves the concept of health and self-healing, starting with their behaviour, emotions, and above all, the perception of the internal and external reality.

Enjoy the reading!


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