The osteopathic tutor

Why did we develop the Advanced Osteopathy Institute tutor for osteopaths

The idea arises from the osteopath’s need to be helped in the choice of advanced training. Usually, those who wish to enhance their osteopathic skills have the following specific requirements:

  • to become aware of their skills

  • develop their potential, and

  • increase their professional performance.

What is our proposal for tutoring?

The osteopaths who wish to grow professionally and follow our training courses will have the possibility to access free counselling interviews with our faculty members. The tutors will guide the students in the best way possible according to their training needs, aptitudes, and professional requirements. The tutor may also propose an individual home study path or the most suitable courses to increase basic knowledge or deepen the subjects of major interest for the osteopath.

How does it work?

Through online interviews, students and tutors will have the opportunity to discuss and choose the most suitable course to enrol in.

The interview aims to give directions to the osteopaths who wish to expand their knowledge and skills but do not want to choose a course intuitively. They will benefit from the experience of a senior osteopath who already completed the training path and is endowed with specific professional skills.

How do I schedule an interview?

Please write an email to it to request admission to the osteopathic tutoring. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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